Who wants to play a game called Spot the Asshole?

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seriously though, i’ve heard stories of people giving “skinny” people regular soda instead of diet… newsflash: high blood sugars make you lose weight. a skinny persom that asks for diet soda could very well be diabetic… and then if you give them regular soda, you could cause some serious damage, even comas or death. i don’t care how you feel towards a customer, GIVE THEM THE DRINK THEY ASKED FOR.

There is a coffee place near my home and they happens to serve sugar-free hot chocolate being a type one diabetic this is great because it has about half the amount of carbs. This one time I ordered it the employee rolled his eyes at me. When I got my drink I thought it tasted differently but I was with friends and wasn’t paying a ton of attention. Later my blood sugar was in the high 400s and we had no idea why, everything was in order. I had to stay up all night to get my blood sugars under control.  I thought of the employee might have something to do with it. The next day I went back and the same guy was working, my mom confronted him and the manager and the guy admitted that he had given me a regular hot coco and had even put extra sugar in it. He tried to justify his actions because ” how was he supposed to know I was diabetic” and ”I thought just thought she was some chick trying to lose weight that she didn’t need to lose” He lost his job and I never went back there.  But it put be in danger and if I hadn’t caught the high when I did I could of ended up in the hospital.

Something like that hot cocoa thing is ridiculously dangerous. With soda the taste is such a drastic difference that while it is still dangerous you have a much better chance of immediately realizing something is wrong.

I’m a hyperglycaemic pre-diabetic with high chelastoral I’m 17 and only weigh 112 lbs. u give me something I didn’t ask for and u’ll be the one I send the medical bill to when I kill 3 ppl in a car accident cause I passed out at the wheel or had a heart attack.

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Yoo She is really nice!

EP created by Chynna 18 year old female rapper based out of Philadelphia. Chinois is her first project. Debuting her first single a little over 6 months ago. Chynna brings together a light project before her debut mixtape dropping in the near future.

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New favorite group


Track I produced by the talented group Hawk House taken from their mixtape ‘A Little More Elbow Room’

Check them out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hawk-House/249106638569107?fref=ts


From A Little More Elbow Room

Favorite Music Projects of 2013



Just a list of my favorite music projects that where released throughout the year. Definitely check them out if you haven’t

A Little More Elbow Room – Hawk House

Feel Good – The Internet

Doris – Earl Sweatshirt

Wolf – Tyler, the Creator

Because the Internet – Childish Gambino



My favourite track off their recently dropped project. Great things still to come for them


Hawk House - Tidal Tendencies ( Official Video)




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